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Plan 6GB Recharge

Unlimited calls, texts and data

Number to recharge (Lycamobile)

Be sure to enter the country code and area code plus phone number Example +1 (754) 317-2644. (please recharge one number at a time)
  • 250 char. max
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  1. Unlimited data, First 6GB of data at speeds up to 5G LTE and remainder at reduced speeds (Lycamobileā„¢ terms and conditions apply).
  2. All plans have coverage and your plan(s) are activated in the 50 States of theĀ bandera USA USA andĀ floridaĀ Puerto Rico. The plans are activated in the state of Florida (bandera USAĀ USA) on the day of your trip, so that you can enjoy your plan for 30 calendar days from the activation of your plan.
  3. Unlimited calls, texts and data in and from the United StatesĀ bandera USA to more 75 countries including ColombiaĀ bandera de colombia (Read terms and conditions of each country where Lycamobileā„¢ has coverage).
  4. Prices in dollars are settled at the representative rate on the day of purchase.
  5. The plans are valid for 30 calendar days and you can make more virtual recharges for equal periods according to your needs and requirements.
  6. We abide by the Lycamobileā„¢ terms and conditions.
  7. term and conditions apply to all plans, promotions and discounts.


2.1. To REQUEST your virtual refills

  1. Before recharging, check your number: To see the number of your mobile phone, type *613# on your mobile phone or contact at the bandera USA United States to the lines 9732868970 and 9732862440, who will provide you with such information.
  2. Make sure that the telephone number supplied to tallmobileĀ® is correct: The CUSTOMER or BUYER is solely responsible for the telephone number provided to tallmobileĀ® so that the latter can recharge to said number. Keep in mind that if you as a CLIENT or BUYER, provide a number that does NOT correspond to your mobile phone number or the mobile phone number of your interest; tallmobileĀ® will NOT respond in any way or return the money contributed by you (CUSTOMER or BUYER).

2.2. To ACTIVATE your virtual refills

  1. Relate and enter your international number bandera USA, so that the system can make the virtual recharge to the international number that you relate.
  2. As the plans are for 30 calendar days; after recharging:

    1. If your international plan has already completed 30 days, the system automatically takes the virtual recharge,
    2. If your plan has not reached 30 days, contact Lycamobileā„¢ technical support to have the new recharge applied to your plan.


For technical support, Lycamobileā„¢ must be contacted in the United States at the lines 9732868970 and 9732862440, who will provide you with all the support and support.

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Plan 6GB Recharge

Unlimited calls, texts and data

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