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Plan 2GB
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Calls, texts and data

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✔ Plans, rates, services, descriptions and details are subject to change without notice. (See terms and conditions de Lycamobile™)

✔  The plan has unlimited data and texts from the USA to more than 75 countries. (See  coverage map for details)

✔ Unlimited data, first 2GB of data at speeds up to 5G LTE and the rest at reduced speeds. (See  terms and conditions de Lycamobile™)

✔  All services, plans, coverage, technical support and the provision of the service are provided by the Lycamobile™ company, which is solely responsible for the service, support, assistance, suspensions, activation, etc. (See Lycamobile terms and conditions)

✔ The brand of the SIM cards are Lycamobile™.

✔ All plans are activated in the city of Florida ( bandera USA United States) on the day of your trip, so that you can enjoy your plan for 30 calendar days from the activation of your plan.

✔ Prices in dollars are settled at the representative rate of the day.

✔ Plans expire after 30 calendar days.

✔ SIM cards are Lycamobile™ brand.

✔ We adhere to the terms and conditions of Lycamobile™

tallmobile does not charge its customers for the SIM cards (international Lycamobile™) that it delivers in Colombia..

✔ For customers who purchase any of our plans, the shipping costs of the SIM card (International Lycamobile™)  for Colombia will be totally free and assumed by tallmobile.

✔ For all plans, promotions and discounts, applies tallmobile's terms and conditions.

✔ Unlimited calls, texts and data in and from the United States bandera USA to more than 75 countries including Colombia.bandera de colombia .

✔ Read the terms and conditions of each country where Lycamobile™ has coverage: EE.UU  EE.UU , Reino Unido  Reino Unido , España  España , Australia  Australia , Bélgica  Bélgica , Austria  Austria , Holanda  Holanda , Macedonia  Macedonia , Italia  Italia , Francia  Francia , Noruega  Noruega , Túnez  Túnez , Portugal  Portugal , Dinamarca  Dinamarca , Irlanda  Irlanda , Polonia  Polonia , Alemania  Alemania , Rumania  Rumania , Sudáfrica  Sudáfrica , Suiza  Suiza , Suecia  Suecia , Ucrania  Ucrania , Rusia  Rusia , Uganda  Uganda

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Plan 2GB

Calls, texts and data

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