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Next, we inform you about everything related to offers and promotions from January 1, 2021 to December 31 of 2021 that applies to the plans established in our platforms for international products and services. These terms and conditions apply to customers of the plans offered at

If you have any suggestions or want to congratulate us, call us or send a message to WhatsApp 3504933939 in Bogotá.

If you have any suggestions or want to congratulate us, call us or send a message to WhatsApp 3504933939 in Bogotá,


1.- General conditions that apply to the entire tallmobile offer and its platforms such as and the Android app among others

2.- Products and services in tallmobile

3.- Promotions

4.- Sending of the card or sim card or chip on plans purchased through the website and our apps

5.- Payment methods in tallmobile

6.- Protection of your information

1.- General conditions that apply to the entire tallmobile offer and its platforms such as and app for Android among others

Service Fair use policy

As of January 1, 2021, tallmobile provides only the intermediary service where its scope is to allow promoting, marketing, distribution and sale of internet services, data and messages only at the level international; in other words, for use outside of Colombia, through its portals, tallmobile app for Android, among others. tallmobile is a portal to distribute the services of manufacturing companies, wholesale companies of electronic products, as well as companies that provide the communications service in general of great recognition and seriousness that guarantee the provision of the service as an international communications operator (calls, texts and unlimited data depending on the type of plan offered on the page or in our Android applications, among others). These communications services are provided internationally "the services are not provided, nor is it covered in Colombia." The tallmobile brand makes a link with its distributor in the United States with the following guarantees:

1.- The service is provided only internationally, not for Colombia

2.- The cards or sim card or chip that are delivered to the traveling consumer are for the acquisition of the service; They have NO cost, they are simply the means for the use of the service by the consumer to enjoy the internet service (data), calls and messages at an international level, for example coverage throughout the territory of the United States of North America.

3.- These cards or sim card or chip are not adulterated or modified in their presentation, design and physical and / or technical structure; And likewise, in an ethical, responsible and professional manner, it is delivered to the consumer so that the consumer installs it on their mobile equipment to enjoy the service abroad (outside of Colombia).

4.- The cards or sim card or chip can be from various operators and / or from different brands, which provide this communication service internationally (unlimited calls, texts and data depending on the type of plan offered on the page or in our Android applications among others).

5.- The cards or sim card or chip can be of different colors, everything depends on the color or design established by the operators and / or different brands, which provide this communication service at the level international (unlimited calls, texts and data depending on the type of plan offered on the page or in our Android applications, among others). Based on the above, the colors that are used or are used to identify each of the plans on our page and on our different platforms, do not correspond to the color or design that is delivered to the consumer and / or client .

6.- The plans and / or services offered on our website and on our different platforms such as Android, among others, correspond to 100% of the service and benefits that the consumer and / or client acquires internationally after activating thesim card or chip on the day of your trip (indicated date and requirement to make the purchase), as well as the prices are adjusted 100% to the service that is presented internationally for which the value is given in US dollars and is settled at the representative rate for Colombia on the day of purchase and / or recharge.

The service works only internationally, in the Colombian territory it has NO coverage.

All services and plans have a duration of 30 calendar days.


All tallmobile offers on its portals are inclusive of taxes. (when applicable)

Use of services

In accordance with article 5, numeral 3 of Law 1480 of 2011, and Resolution CRC 5050 of 2016, it is understood as a consumer or user "... any natural or legal person who , as final recipient, acquire, enjoy or use a certain product, whatever its nature for the satisfaction of a personal, private, family or domestic and business need when it is not intrinsically linked to their economic activity. It is also understood to be included in the concept of consumer is that of user. "

Offer validity.

1.- Prices (are given in dollars and are settled at the representative rate of the day the purchase is made)

2.- Product Configurations and Basic Rates will be in force until December 31, 2021. However, in the event of an increase in rates or taxes, or any other eventuality external to tallmobile, we may make adjustments to them.

3.- tallmobile reserves the right to make price changes in the offer, and any change will be applied within 5 days after communicating it.

Validity of each of the plans

For the international communications service, all the plans that we offer you on our page and on our Android platforms, among others, are 30 calendar days; with the possibility of recharging on our website and / or platforms and being able to enjoy another 30 calendar days or until you consume the gigabytes of the service of the plan you purchased and so on month by month, according to your needs.

Minimum age to enter the portal and buy services.

To purchase our products and services, you must be of age "18 years or older." according to those established by law

Third-party applications and limitation of liability

tallmobile, that is, we, for the international communication service "Calls, Text and Data" act as a means of intermediary, that is, we are not responsible for the operation of the communication service in the country where the service is provided (You arrive in a country and you adjust to the norms, culture, policy, conditions, rules, changes, language, etc.) everything according to what is established in the policies, guidelines, terms and conditions defined by third parties, and / or the entity providing the service international communications. You agree that use of the services is at your own risk. The services, including unlimited calls, texts and data for a period of 30 calendar days from the date the service is activated. Without limiting the foregoing, tallmobile does not declare, guarantee or assume any responsibility for functionalities or content, services that are not available or do not work as intended. In no event will tallmobile, its developers, suppliers, allies, or affiliates, and each of their respective investors, employees, and suppliers, including content distributors and licensors (collectively, the "tallmobile parties"), will be liable for direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential or other damages, including loss of profits, resulting or in any way related to the use of tallmobile services, whether they are based on liability contractual, non-contractual, objective or other bases, even if the tallmobile parties have been informed of the possibility of such damages.

2.- Products and services in tallmobile.

tallmobile, through its portals, offers you a type of product: The distribution of products and services of different brands, manufacturers, service providers, and we adjust to the policies and guidelines defined by each of them. tallmobile reserves the right to modify prices of services and products in the different sales channels of sale, as well as distributing the brands and / or products that it considers, based on the basis that they are serious brands, responsible, without legal problems and with high standards of quality and service in front of our clients.

The communication services "Calls, Texts and Data" is a service provided by an international third party, for example lycamobile allied with tallmobile. As it is an international service, we cannot be held responsible for communication, warranty, coverage, service and technological situations with your service and in accordance with the provisions of the service provider company. Please review the section "Third party applications and limitation of liability". We invite you to consult the terms and conditions of each country, for which you leave the link below so that you as a user can consult it and adjust to the policies and conditions established in each country.

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Netherlands
  • Macedonia
  • Italy
  • France
  • Norway
  • Tunisia
  • Portugal
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Uganda

3.- Promotions.

We have these promotions in effect for you. tallmobile will not make a refund after the service has been activated or after having made the proper recharge of the international communication service; Remember that promotions are not cumulative with each other, promotions are applied monthly and the value of the promotion is unique and applies for acquiring the services on our platforms, for which they must be previously registered.

3.1 General Promotions.

As of January 1, 2021 and for a limited time (decision subject only to tallmobile), you have the possibility of a 5% offer and / or discount on all plans; This is an exclusive benefit through our platforms website and application on Android and others.

You must not misuse the services or discounts provided. These are exclusively for the purpose of satisfying personal communication needs, and does not apply to commercialize them for profit, or to use them for illicit purposes. We also do not allow the resale of services, or any type of commercialization thereof. If you use false emails or emails generated from automatic email generation pages, with false IDs or used from databases, it will not apply to you or to them.

The telephone number is assigned as soon as you arrive at your destination, for example the United States, previously the line is active. With this phone number you can recharge from our website and from our applications

4.- Shipments of the card or sim card or chip on plans purchased by the website and our applications apps.

no example United States, previously the line is active. With this phone number you can recharge from our website www.tallmobil

What you are going to read tells you how we do it and what you should take into account once you make your purchase of the plan that suits your conditions and needs, from our web platforms and / or Android applications among other; we must proceed to:

• Give you a card or sim card or chip, which has no cost

• For the delivery of the sim card or card or chip we have the following means:

1.- If it is paid Bogotá you can pick it up at the distribution center which the address is given to you at the time of purchase or you can check it on our page or through our WhatsApp 3504933939

2.- Shipments of the sim card or card or chip depend on the coverage and times stipulated by the logistics operator (they may be 48 hours for Bogotá or 72 hours for the rest of the country, applies only to the territory Colombian national). We cannot deliver to PO Boxes so you must enter a valid address. So you can't use fake identity, use your real ID. The cards or sim card or chip will be delivered and distributed by our messaging partner. Once you have signed (you, the porter or the person responsible for receiving the shipment) our transport guide or proof of delivery, the logistics transport operator will not accept claims. That is why we invite you to check very well your sim card or card or chip has arrived in good condition.

3.- These information and guide will be uploaded to our portal and you can consult it by entering in the menu click on "My account" and then click on "traceability"

5.- Registration and queries that I can do at

In our portal you can access with your registration and welcome you will find multiple options that can be useful:

5.1 When you click on My account, you will find everything related to traceability, my cards, my recharges, my history, my means of payment, information that interests you only, and can be very useful at the moment of making the purchase of international services, you can achieve all this if you have previously registered with your real data.

5.2 When you click on tallmobile App, you will find the QR code of our applications, as well as you can indicate coverage of the plans (calls, texts and data). Please review the Products and Services section on tallmobile

5.3 By clicking on legal, you will find the privacy policies, as well as all the terms and conditions

5.4 When you click on My cart, you will find the different plans, where the prices are in dollars per unit, so that once you inform yourself the scope of your plan you can select it in a fast and agile way and thus You can select a shipping method, where we offer you different alternatives that suit your needs where we have distribution for Bogotá, Colombia, El Dorado airport delivery or if it is provided you can pick it up at our distribution center and with this last option you save the value of the shipment. All prices are given in dollars and for which the value of the prices is settled according to the representative rate on the day of purchase.

5.5 When you register, this information is confidential and is stored in our database to be consulted whenever you wish; However, you can delete it without any problem by entering "my account" however, it would hurt us if you left, but if it is your decision to delete your account you can do it, with the certainty that the information entered and all your data will be lost and there is no possibility of rescuing or restoring this information. For all the above, tallmobile is not responsible for the loss of this information stored in our database; For this reason, we invite you and we recommend that you place a password that is alphanumeric and with a high degree of difficulty and that only you have knowledge of the password to prevent a third party from doing you irreparable damage.

5,6 We offer you multiple payment options to make your life easier. We offer you several forms of payment, from the classic face-to-face way that you go to a distribution center in Bogotá and buy the plan that suits your needs, or also the modern and more comfortable way from wherever you are with your cell phone or a computer entering by "My account" and then you enter my means of payment.

5,7 We offer you the international recharge service on our page and / or from your cell phone on our Android platform, among others, where you can make your international recharge easily, quickly and without problems, selecting the plan you want and that fits your stupidities. So that you can continue to enjoy your holidays internationally, visit family or loved ones and / or continue living life as you only know how to do it.

6.- Protection of your information

For us it is very important that our clients and users and in general the people who have commercial or other relationships with the company, know how we handle their personal data for which they gave the corresponding authorization and that we have in our records. Therefore and in order to comply with Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013 on the protection of personal data, ENGINEERING & SERVICES hereinafter tallmobile, wants to communicate that the information that as a client or user, employee, supplier, distributor or in general as a person, voluntarily supplied at the time of subscription of the services or at the time of registration on our web portal or in general with the authorizations provided by holders of personal data to tallmobile, may be used for the purpose of:

1.- Efficiently communicate information from tallmobile, as well as from our parent company and / or business partners, about products, services, offers and / or promotions.

2.- Inform about new products, services, offers and / or promotions that are related to the services purchased.

3.- Evaluate the quality of services.

4.- Carry out, directly or through third parties, marketing, promotion and / or advertising activities, service improvement and technical support.

5.- Carry out verifications and inquiries of payment habits, identity and authorization of means of payment. Report changes to our products, services, offers and / or promotions.

6.- Participate in loyalty programs with benefits. Conduct market research on consumer habits.

7.- Consult and update personal data, in order to keep said information current.

8.- Transfer and transmit personal data to third parties with commercial links with tallmobile including internationally in accordance with article 26 of statutory law 1581 of 2012 and which is partially regulated by article 24 of decree 1377 of 2013 on protection of personal data.

9.- The other purposes associated and necessary to fulfill marketing purposes of our goods and services.

10.- The information provided will remain stored for the maximum term necessary to allow us to comply with the legal and / or contractual obligations under our charge, especially in regulatory, corporate, accounting, contractual, fiscal and tax matters, or to attend the administrative, accounting, fiscal, legal and historical matters of the information.

Taking the foregoing into account, we inform our registered users on our website and our clients, employees, suppliers, distributors and in general the owners of personal data, that they have the right to expressly request in any time and in accordance with the law, the revocation of this authorization on the use of your personal data in the terms established above; so that if they require it, they can contact us in writing through our web portal, in the customer service section or they can call us at any of our service lines, from landlines in Bogotá 2523752 or WhatsApp 3504933939.

Our users, clients, employees, suppliers, distributors and in general the owners of personal data, can exercise their rights to know, update, rectify and request the suspension of the handling of their personal data in accordance with the law and to know the personal data processing policy through the aforementioned channels or on our website.

We want you to be sure that we will take good care of your personal data and we will make good use of it.